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March 2017 Mayor's Message
Here are some random FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) as I, and probably most of you, are are hacking, sneezing and wheezing your way through this hyper-pollinated springtime. I’ve often wondered why Mother Nature hands us down such misery during the most beautiful time of the year.

 FAQ: What’s with the sinkhole out off Martindale Road?

Well, that’s Mother Nature at work.  Along with filling the air with pollen, she also fills springs with water. The area in and around Oak Village North is full of ground water, and that ground water is at extremely high levels due to the rains we have experienced over the past few years. An underground stream rose too near the surface, and the sinkhole was formed. Contrary to what some folks believe, the City’s underground utilities had nothing to do with it. The water rose and created the sinkhole naturally. It comes under the jurisdiction of TxDOT, and they should be filling it in after taking some readings with ground-penetrating radar.

 FAQ: Do you plan to annex anything to the South of Seguin?

In a word - No. I don’t know how to put it any plainer than that. Somehow, some people think we are on a tyrannical mission to conquer southern Guadalupe County, and force the inhabitants to succumb to our evil ways and confiscatory taxation.  On the other hand, there is nothing preventing a developer, or any other landowner from requesting annexation, but I don’t see anything on the horizon that points to this.

 FAQ: Is the new WalMart still going to be built out on Hwy 46 and IH 10?

According to WalMart – Yes. The word is that they are waiting for the major work to be completed on the intersection, and they want to make sure that if they open a store, it will have unrestricted access from the two main roads.

 FAQ: What’s with the NewQuest Development on IH-10? Are they still going to build it?

Yes. The principals at NewQuest stay in touch with us on a regular basis. The utilities are pretty much in place now, but they are still trying to sign the first big anchor tenant. There are multiple smaller pad site retailers that are ready to go once that first big tenant goes in. Also NewQuest is re-configuring their plans to include single-family homes and apartments on the north side of the development along Hwy 78.  This will help enhance the retail viability of the property bordering IH 10. 

 FAQ: How come you gave Doug Faseler a raise?

There are multitudes of great things being built, repaired, renewed, and developed all over this city, and Doug Faseler has been in charge of making it all happen. It is an enormous, complex job that requires skill, patience, intelligence, and character. Doug possesses all those qualities, along with a humility that keeps him out of the limelight. In his position, he is unique to most city managers, since he manages both our city administration and our utilities. During his tenure, he has saved our residents millions of dollars on their utility rates, all the while dealing with replacing an old, worn-out infrastructure.

 There is another instance regarding Doug which I don’t want people to forget. Several years ago when CPS purchased the natural gas power plant on the north side of town from Rio Nogales, the property suddenly became non-taxable. Doug and his staff were the only ones in the area that seemed to notice this. Doug took it upon himself to negotiate a $20 million dollar tax settlement with CPS that directly benefitted the City of Seguin, Seguin ISD, Navarro ISD and Guadalupe County.

In other words, Doug Faseler has saved this area literally tens of millions of dollars… so yeah, I think we can give him a 4% raise. Oh, and by the way, Bennie, Doug does live in the City. I know, because he’s in my neighborhood.

Gosh I love this town!



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