Mayor's Message

May 2017 Mayor's Message
National and statewide politicians are insulated by time and space from most of their constituents, while we in city government go eye-to-eye every single day with ours. That’s what I like about being a local official. There are no bureaucratic or geographic filters.  This is where the rubber meets the road.

This relationship with citizens keeps me grounded, and keeps me alert. What’s more, all the good things that are happening here excite me just as much as they do everyone else. (Hello, Library and Park West!)   And bad streets, potholes and muddy, dusty construction make me just as angry and miserable as they do you.

I am continually amazed at what interests and excites people in Seguin, opposed to that which seems to be taken for granted, or noticed with just a glance and a nod. This is not necessarily a negative statement. It’s pretty much human nature to notice and react to immediate needs for comfort, convenience and amusement. All the while the very necessary, yet more mundane, day-to-day activities go on barely noticed.

Council can vote to save millions of dollars by refinancing our debt – nobody notices. We can pass multi-million dollar budgets – just a sigh from the public.  Our staff works like crazy to promote economic development and improve our infrastructure – no big deal.  It’s not until something takes physical form and creates either exuberance or misery do people really pay attention.

A lot of good things have been happening in Seguin over the past few years. They are pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the palate and even pleasing to your car’s suspension.  New jobs are being created and new homes are being built.

I’ll be getting to my point soon.

 What we have seen in the past few years will be even more noticeable in the coming years. However, the misery index will be a bit high also.  I apologize for this now, but no one has yet invented clean and easy ways to build or repair streets and buried infrastructure.  There will be a lot of dust, mud, misery and orange barricades for quite a while all over the city.  I beg your patience over the next year and beyond as we go through these growing pains and much needed improvements in our infrastructure. Believe me, it will be worth it.

 Now to my point of all this rambling – All of the great things that have happened over the past years, and that are about to happen, had their beginnings in those mundane, day-to-day activities I mentioned above; things to which the public pay little attention. There was a heck of a lot of hard work done by our city staff and our city council to bring it all about. Budgets had to be considered, financing and bonds had to be secured, planning and engineering had to be done, economic development deals had to be made, grant applications submitted, and environmental standards met. I know I’ve left out a lot more.

These are the kind of things your city staff and council have done and continue to do every day to make Seguin grow and prosper. These are folks who live here, see you every day face-to-face, and love this town as much as you do. The new retail and industry don’t just appear here out of thin air, or by accident. It’s all those boring, unnoticed actions by your fellow citizens on city staff and city council, who work for you every day, that really make it all possible.

Gosh I love this town!


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