Address Visibility

Clearly Marked Addresses

When we respond to an emergency and are unable to locate an address, time spent verifying the location may mean the difference between life and death. This situation is far too common as people do not clearly mark their home addresses. Clearly mark your address to help avoid disaster in case of an emergency. We recommend various methods to identify your address depending on the type of residence you have:


  • Paint four-inch letters on the curbing in front of your home.
  • Place letters that are at least four inches tall near the front entrance (or a location easily visible from the street) in a color contrasted by the color of your home, i.e. light letters on a dark background.
  • For apartments and other buildings with multiple occupancies, mark each separate occupant's number.


  • For a single driveway off a main road, affix your address to a post at the entrance of the driveway.
  • For a single driveway leading to multiple driveways for individual residences, affix the addresses of all residences to a post at the entrance of the main driveway.
  • At the intersection of individual driveways, affix addresses with arrows pointing toward individual residences.