Lateral Entry Program

The Seguin Police Department lateral entry program will help recruit qualified certified Police Officers. Upon successful completion of the testing process, the Police Chief will meet with the background investigator to confirm that the applicant meets the criteria to take advantage of this program.

A. Eligibility Requirements Applicants must:

  • Be a certified Texas Peace Officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE.)
  • The applicant must have at least 3 full years (36 months) of full-time paid law enforcement experience with similar duties in a comparable agency as the Seguin Police Department; years of experience will qualify for advancing one step to a maximum of 3 steps.
  • The applicant must not have a break in service as a Police Officer of more than 180 days prior to the applicant’s conditional job offer.
  • The applicant must successfully complete each step in the hiring process in the same manner as any other candidate.

B. Guidelines:

  • The lateral entry program is for pay purposes only and actual work experience in another law enforcement agency will not be considered for promotional eligibility requirements or seniority.
  • The Police Chief’s determination, following review with human resources, of whether an applicant meets the criteria of the lateral entry program shall be final and non – appealable to any court.
  • If an applicant is placed up to step 3 of the pay schedule, he/she will progress through the remaining steps as he/she completes each year of service.
  • Longevity pay will be calculated in the same manner as all Police Personnel. No credit will be given to completed years of service in other agencies.
  • Entry-level Police Officers placed up to a Step 3 of the pay schedule as per the lateral entry program must also complete a new hire probationary period.
  • If a Police Officer decides to leave the City of Seguin as his/her employer, he/she must be unemployed with the City for at least one full calendar year before the lateral entry program will apply to his/her rehire status.

PAY GROUP: P5 - POLICE OFFICER                                                                                                        

1 $30.67 $63,784.52
2 $31.43 $65,379.13
3 $32.22 $67,013.61
4 $33.02 $68,688.95
5 $33.85 $70,406.18
6 $34.70 $72,166.33
7 $35.56 $73,970.49
8 $36.45 $75,819.74
9 $37.36 $77,715.25
10 $38.30 $79,658.13
11 $39.25 $81,649.58
12 $40.24 $83,690.82
13 $41.24 $85,783.09
14 $42.27 $87,927.67