Blue Santa

All children deserve to smile on Christmas day. Christmas is a magical time of year where the focus is on giving, with emphasis on the excitement in a child's eye as he or she unwraps a present that has been specially chosen just for them.

Why Blue Santa?

It has been said, "No one calls 9-1-1 to tell police that all is well with their lives." In the course of a police officers’ routine work, we often encounter children in circumstances and environments that are heartbreaking. Many of the children that police interact with only know Christmas as nothing more than a school holiday. Many of these kids are in single parent homes or family environments that are unstable. Many families must choose between gifts and basic utility needs or food, leaving little resources for presents at Christmas time for their children. Regardless of the whys, all children deserve presents at Christmas.

** More information about Blue Santa 2023, as well as link to apply for the program, will be posted closer to the holiday season.