Do you want to display a temporary banner to promote a community event in Seguin? We allow organizations to hang banners on a first come, first served basis over the following four public right-of-ways to promote events:

  • Austin/Shelby
  • Austin/Elm (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Court/San Marcos (Silver Center)
  • Court/Travis (Bank of America)

The banner may remain a maximum of 14 days and a minimum of  seven days. Only one banner is allowed at each location at a time. 

Banner Requirements

 • The maximum banner size allowed is 4 x 36 feet. The required material for all new banners is mesh. 

• 2” safety clips sewn directly along the top, spaced every 18” to 24” apart. 

• The applicant must provide 15 feet of rope, per corner of the banner, in good condition. 

• Banners including the rope must be in good condition. 

• Each banner needs to be tagged; showing the event, banner owner and telephone number. 

• Fee: $30 installation fee PER BANNER (2% credit card fee will be added) 

Banner Reservation 

• Banner locations may be reserved a maximum of 12 months in advance and a minimum of seven days in advanced as long as location is available. 

• BOTH Application and Installation fee must be submitted to the Utility Operations Center for reservation to be finalized. 

• A maximum of two (2) banners are allowed for reservations at different locations during the same time period. 

• Rotation of banners to alternate locations is not permitted

Apply for Temporary Banner

Download Banner application here. Please drop off the completed application and fee to the Utility Operations Center located at 3027 N. Austin Street. 

For more information, email Tina Villarreal or call 830-386-2223.