Squirrel Gallery

Also known as a "scurry" of squirrels! Take a look at all the beautiful squirrels around Seguin. To go on a self-guided squirrel tour, view the itinerary here

Curiosity the Squirrel

Encountering Nature with Master Naturalists

Sponsored by Jim & Chris Dyess
Artist: Liz Romero
Address: 313 W. Nolte Street

Guadalupe River Squirrel

Guadalupe River Squirrel

Sponsored by Lone Oak Property Tax Service
Artist: Robin Roberts-Walker
Address: 201 S. Austin Street

Joy the Squirrel


Sponsored by Kathy Yandell
Artist: Nancy Hartfiel
Address: 436 Dolle Avenue

Saver the Squirrel

Saver the Squirrel

Sponsored by Schertz Bank & Trust
Artist: Amber Prince
Address: 203 N. Hwy 123 Bypass

Flora the Squirrel

Gosh, We Love this Town!

Sponsored by Don & Marty Keil
Artist: Kitty Keller
Location: Walnut Springs Trail by the Convent Street Bridge

Chance the Squirrel


Sponsored by The Meservey Group, PLLC
Artist: Jeremy Wallace, The Creation Company
Address: 520 N. River Street

River Guardian Squirrel

River Guardian

Sponsored by Andrea Hoffmann
Artist: J Rene Perez Art
Location: Max Starcke Park Walking Trail

Happy the Squirrel


Artist: Beth Oelke Billnitzer
Location: Park West

Texas In Bloom SquirrelTexas In Bloom

Sponsored by Donna Dodgen and the Biesenbach Family
Artist: Aesop Cardenas
Location: Bauer Park


Holiday Inn Express
Hampton Inn
Seguin Coliseum
Fritz House at TLU
Seguin RV
Women's Federated Club Building
St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Matador Stadium
Golf Pro Shop
Road Ranger
Harper Hill Ranch

... and one surprise location!