A common call received is, "I have found an abandoned baby or injured animal." The most common questions asked are, "What do I need to do with it?", "What can I feed it?", "Can I keep it?", or "Can you come and pick it up?"

Wild animals are meant to be wild and not attempted to be domesticated. People trying to help wild animals often find that they are truly wild and sometimes receive serious injuries from them. There also is the concern of diseases and parasites wildlife may carry that humans may be at risk of contracting. Diseases such as rabies, Lyme disease, and tuberculosis are just a few. Young animals become imprinted and dependent up their human captors and if released back into the wild, normally become a nuisance or simply die because of the human interference in their lives.

Texas Parks and WildlifeMost people have the very best intentions at heart when they find wild animals. What they do not realize is more harm may be created for the animal and also themselves. Enjoy wildlife, but leave animals to their natural world. Not only for the animal's well-being but for human safety. Allow wild animals to live the way they were meant to live, wild and free.

Mother Nature has her own plan to handle excess animals and to provide food for other wildlife. This is by no means cruel, but is the circle of life - the balance of nature the way it was meant to be.

If you come across wildlife please do not touch it and contact Texas Parks and Wildlife at 800-792-1112.