Protect it Grant

The "Protect It" Grant program offers property owners of downtown historic properties a reimbursement of up to 50% of the costs of eligible expenses toward the installation of a fire suppression system. In addition to the grant, the City of Seguin Water Utilities will purchase and install the tap at no cost to the property owner.

Since the founding of Seguin, fires have ravaged our downtown district leading to the loss of numerous historic landmarks, successful businesses, and revenue for the City of Seguin. In addition to these losses, the continued development of downtown Seguin is hindered by the high costs of fire suppression systems that are needed to facilitate second-floor development and higher occupancy uses on first floors.

Property owners of existing structures located within the local downtown historic district that have reached 50 years in age are eligible to apply for this grant. Eligible expenses for the grant funding include:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Traffic Control
  • Construction and installation of fire line from tap to the building
  • Riser, sprinkler heads and piping of fire lines throughout the interior
  • Preparation and filing of legal documents.

The grant awards are based on several factors including the number of platted buildings, size of buildings being protected, and location of the building. If multiple property owners are partnering on the project, the grant will be reimbursed on a pro-rata based on square footage.

Size of BuildingGrant Amount
Building less than 5,000 square feet
$20,000 or 50% whichever is less
Buildings between 5,000 and 15,000 square feet
$30,000 or 50% whichever is less
Buildings 15,000 square feet or greater
$40,000 or 50%, whichever is less 

Additional Funding is Awarded for Projects that meet the following criteria:

Size of BuildingGrant Amount
Multiple platted properties sharing a tap
Additional $5,000 to max award
Tap to be installed in TxDOT Right of Way
Additional $10,000 to max award

The additional funding for multiple platted properties sharing one tap is due to the costs of preparing and filing an easement agreement between the property owners. The additional funding for the installation of a tap on a TxDOT right-of-way is due to TxDOT requiring engineered plans and traffic control permits which are not required on local streets.

The "Protect It" Grant program is now open. Applications may be submitted year-round to the Seguin Main Street Office. The Seguin Main Street staff, in partnership with City Management, Fire and Legal, will review the application and determine funding amount per applicant.

Protect It Grant Guidelines and Application (PDF)