Historic Preservation

Downtown Historic District

Downtown Seguin is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a Commercial Historic District. Property owners in the district may be eligible for special incentives to encourage revitalization and restoration of the 26-block area. These incentives are listed in the Downtown Development page.

State Historic Marker Incentive

Residential property owners that have their home listed individually as a National or State landmark and pay for and install a marker are eligible to have the cost of the marker deducted from any city taxes owed on the property for the year in which it was installed.

For more information visit the Texas Historical Commission.

Historic Homestead Local Tax Incentive

Residential property owners whose homestead has a National or State landmark are eligible to apply to have municipal taxes owed waived in lieu of providing receipts that show expenses incurred for the upkeep of the historic property.

Download the Tax Abatement for Historic Markers Ordinance (PDF)

Local Historic Landmark

The City of Seguin has a program where local historic properties can apply to be designated a Local Historic Landmark. This program helps Seguin tell the story of its prominent citizens, architecture and historic events.

Sources for Historic Information