Historic Resource Survey

The City of Seguin is conducting a historic resources survey of downtown and its surroundings. A historic resources survey is a systematic method of documenting historic resources through fieldwork and research. Historic resources surveys are conducted regularly by cities in order to have an up-to-date inventory of historic properties. Seguin's last historic resources survey was completed approximately 40 years ago from 1977 to 1979. The current survey will re-evaluate properties from the 1977-1979 survey and will document properties that have never been surveyed before.

The City of Seguin received a grant from the Texas Historical Commission to fund this project and retained Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc. (CMEC) of Austin, Texas to conduct the survey.

Survey Results

The draft survey is completed and the City's contractor, Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc, is accepting comments, questions or corrections until August 16. Please email seguinsurvey@coxmclain.com with your comments, questions or corrections. The draft survey and its appendices can be found below.

A presentation summary of the results (PDF).

Why Is the City Conducting a Historic Resources Survey?

Historic resources surveys are used to create an inventory of properties in a given area and a set of recommendations for individual resources and districts that may be eligible for local, state, or federal designation. Seguin's local downtown historic district and surrounding areas, which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1983 and updated in 2003, will be re-evaluated as part of this survey project. The City hopes to identify additional historic resources and properties that may be eligible for state and federal historic preservation tax credits. The City will also use the inventory as a tool for future preservation planning efforts and to better understand and promote the unique history of Seguin.

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Survey Boundaries

A map of the survey area is available (PDF).

The survey area comprises two parts: a reconnaissance survey area and a windshield survey area (defined in the next section). The reconnaissance survey area is located in Seguin's downtown commercial/retail core, encompassing the local historic district. It extends north from downtown along Austin Street and includes parcels on both sides of the street until it reaches the Union Pacific Railroad tracks just beyond New Braunfels Street.

The windshield survey area includes properties one to two blocks outside the reconnaissance survey area. It is roughly bounded by Braden Street on the north, Milam Street on the east, Convent Street on the south, and Travis and Camp Streets on the west.

Survey Process and Survey Dates

In the reconnaissance survey area, CMEC will photo-document each historic-age resource (built in 1973 or earlier) from the public right-of-way and record details about its architectural style, exterior materials, and alterations on tablet computers. CMEC historians will also conduct research on important associations for the resources in the survey area (for example, homes or businesses of important people and locations of important events).

CMEC historians will drive through the windshield survey area, noting concentrations of historic-age resources and stopping to take representative streetscape photographs.

Historians from CMEC will be in Seguin to perform the survey and conduct local research during the week of December 10, 2018. Please feel free to speak to the historians and ask questions if you see them, but keep in mind that they will be operating on a schedule.

Following the survey, CMEC will prepare inventory forms for each property in the reconnaissance survey area and a report with recommendations regarding properties eligible for local, state, and national designation, as well as a potential adjustment to the boundary of the downtown historic district.

Get Involved

Attend the public information meeting

Learn more about historic resources surveys and this important project by attending a public meeting hosted by the City of Seguin and CMEC.

Date: December 11, 2018
Time: 5:30 pm.
Seguin Council Chambers
Seguin City Hall
210 East Gonzales Street

Share old photos and property history

CMEC historians welcome input from the public regarding property histories and identification of significant buildings. Historic photographs, stories, and other information may be emailed to CMEC

Attend the results presentation

See the draft survey and the results by attending a public meeting hosted by the City of Seguin and CMEC.

Date: July 26, 2019
Time: noon
Seguin Council Chambers
Seguin City Hall
210 East Gonzales Street