Open Records Requests

Requesting Information

Any person wishing to inspect or receive a copy of public records kept by the City of Seguin must make the request in writing or may do so online through an online portal. No verbal requests shall be accepted. A written Open Records Request may also be submitted to the City of Seguin through its designated Public Information Coordinator for the following departments:

Please use our online portal to submit a request.

What Are Open Record Requests?

The Texas Public Information Act requires government agencies to make available for inspection and copying all information that is collected, assembled, or maintained by or for a governmental body if it owns or has a right of access to the information, except for information the Act exempts or prohibits from disclosure, according to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code.

Please be advised that confidential information is often included in documents held by the City of Seguin. The City may not be able to release this information. The Texas Public Information Act requires a governmental entity to request an open letter ruling from the Texas Attorney General prior to withholding information that is confidential. The Attorney General's Office has 45 days to respond to a request for an open letter ruling. However, you will be given the option of expediting the request if you are willing to receive only non-confidential information.

The City of Seguin has a duty to respond to any written requests for open records, including those that are made through email or by fax. However, State law provides that a governmental body can designate a person that is authorized to receive email or faxed requests for open records. If such a designation is made, the Public Information Act is only activated if the request is directed to the assigned individual. Pursuant to Section 552.301(c), Government Code, and City of Seguin Resolution 2017R-88, the City Secretary has been designated by the City of Seguin to receive all electronic mail and fax requests for public information. Accordingly, the City of Seguin is not responsible for responding to electronic mail and fax requests sent to any electronic mail addresses other than the email addresses cited above. However, please see the above specific instructions regarding Police- and/or Municipal-Court-related requests.

For general questions on making public information requests, please contact the City of Seguin City Secretary at 830-401-2468 or 205 N River Street, Seguin, Texas 78155.

Schedule of Charges for Public Information (PDF)