To maintain City streets in a clean and safe condition for pedestrian and motorized traffic

The City of Seguin Public Works Department has developed a 5-year maintenance plan that is updated annually. This plan includes projects for both the Asphalt Zipper and Chip Seal Programs.

The Asphalt Zipper Program stabilizes and paves roads that are in the Pavement Code Index (PCI) range of 20 to 60. The Chip Seal Program is used to prolong the life of roads and is placed on roads with a PCI above 60 and below 85. The Public Works Department also crack seal roads with PCI of 85 to 100. These programs have greatly improved the overall road system within the City of Seguin.

In 2020, the City contracted with a company to accomplish a very intense evaluation of our road system using the most modern technology available. This process will be completed every 5 years to keep the street data or PCI at a current level. The information is placed into Streetlogix, a state-of-the-art software program that produces the best approach system for a 5-year maintenance plan to keep roads at the highest quality possible.

The Streets Department performs the following functions:

  • Street sweeping on each city street, (depending on weather conditions)
  • Minor asphalt repairs on utility cuts
  • Minor asphalt overlay on streets not requiring utility upgrades
  • Fills potholes
  • Erects or replaces street signs
  • Barricades streets during inclement weather or at low water crossings
  • Ice control in winter events
  • Barricades streets for downtown city events

A permit to work on City Street is required when:

  • Installing curb
  • Installing a sidewalk
  • Installing a driveway to the end of the street
  • A street or existing curb cut is requested

For questions or more information, contact the ROW Inspector/Technician at 830-401-2469.