Technical Manual

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General Information

The Technical Manual is adopted as an integral component of the Unified Development Code (UDC) (PDF). Various sections of the UDC refer to the Technical Manual for application forms, additional information, requirements, and technical specifications. The Technical Manual contains this information in a web-based document intended to assist in filing complete applications that meet the criteria of the UDC.

Chapter 1 - General Provisions

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Chapter 2 - Development Applications/Development Review Process

Any application submitted by someone other than the property owner requires a completed Letter of Authorization (PDF) and/or a Legal Authorization by Property Owner (PDF).

Applications and Checklists

Voluntary Annexation


Subdivision Plats

Site Development

Certificate of Appropriate Design

Maintenance Bonds are received through the Capital Projects and Engineering Department. The form and required information can be found on the Engineering webpage.

Standardized Plat

Chapter 3 - Zoning and Land Use

Chapter 4 - Subdivisions


Chapter 5 - Site Development Process