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January 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are already more than halfway through the first month of 2023! As I reflect on 2022 and all that the city organization, our city leaders and staff have once again accomplished, I am truly amazed. Seguin just keeps getting better and better!

2022 was another very busy year of change, transition & growth for the city - we are embracing and preparing for it in 2023 and beyond. 

Growth is not slowing down anytime soon in our community. The Planning & Codes Department once again logged a record number of permits for new housing. We are going into 2023 with 51 new subdivisions and nearly 15,000 proposed dwelling units in the development pipeline. At this rate, population trends point to the city’s population reaching 50,000 people by 2035! 

On the economic development front, 2022 was another very busy year, with new manufacturers inking deals – including Yukon Ventures and Maruichi Steel Tubes - both making millions of dollars in investments in the city and adding more local jobs to the workforce. Existing businesses Tyson, Cargill, Vitesco and Fujirebio all announced this past year they are investing millions of dollars in facility expansions.

Sales tax continues to increase and set records – thank you for shopping Seguin! Downtown buildings are being filled, more businesses, retail, and restaurants opened in 2022 - with more to come in 2023 when Marshall’s and Ross open up this year.  Discount Tire and Boot Barn are also slated to locate here.  And no, not a Chick-fil-A yet, but discussions are occurring.

A summertime staple, the Seguin Wave Pool was remodeled in 2022 and opened to the public on Memorial Day Weekend for the first time since 2019 - we had over 16,000 visits for the summer! Truly incredible!

A very fun, new recreational facility was added to the parks system – the City’s first pickleball court. The Seguin-Saegert Pickleball Complex at 418 W. Mountain has been a huge “hit” since it opened in early December 2022 with pickleball enthusiasts from near and far. We hope to one day host state or even national pickleball tournaments. It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.  

With more people and commercial development coming to Seguin, city staff is preparing in the background to ensure there are plans in place to address this growth – from improving infrastructure (streets, drainage, water/wastewater needs) to improving quality of life. Not a very popular topic, but we kicked off 2023 with the implementation of a new stormwater utility rate. This creates a dedicated funding source to improve drainage throughout the city when it rains/floods– which leads to less potholes on our streets.

If you haven’t seen our brand new, beautiful website that launched at the end of 2022, you must check it out – Many months of hard work went into redesigning the website to make it more user friendly, with YOU, our residents in mind to make it easier to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Another thing I’m so excited about that is another first – The inaugural Citizens Univer”City” was developed in 2022 and kicked-off in early January 2023. The first class is learning all about the City’s operations over the next 10 Thursday evenings to gain a better understanding of each City department. Participants are getting a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make our city run! More than 50 people applied and are eagerly awaiting future classes!

To help us steer the ship, 4 new City Council members who you elected, took their oath of office prior to the end of 2022 – welcome Jim Lievens (District 3), Paul Gaytan (District 5), Jason Biesenbach (District 7) and Bill Keller (District 8)!

Here’s a small glimpse into only a few of the exciting things in store for 2023:

    The Walnut Springs Trail Extension project will be complete in Spring 2023

    Several of our parks will upgrade to include all inclusive equipment, taking away the physical and social barrier to play. 

    Bauer Park improvements are planned and will include a large playground, picnic pavilion and fitness stations.

    We will continue major work on our infrastructure and thoroughfare master plan project  (not fun but necessary) and continued street improvements.

    Starcke Park Golf Course Renovation project will begin.

    Completing/implementing the Comprehensive Master Plan and Downtown Master Plan.

    Feasibility study for a hotel/conference center.

There’s so much more that’s been done in 2022 and that’s coming in 2023, but I can’t mention everything because I’ve probably already exceeded my column’s word limit. All I can say is stayed tuned – the best is yet to come, and We Can Do It…TOGETHER!  

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