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May 2023

It’s hard to believe that the school year is winding down and summer already starts next week. I’ve had the honor to attend numerous events lately celebrating our local teachers and the significant role they have in our lives. 

“Teacher” is defined as a person who teaches; one who instructs and comes in many sizes, shapes and types from all areas of life!  I’d like to express how important teachers have been (and continue to be) in my life. I hope we all take a moment to reflect, as well as share our gratitude.  

Teachers of all kinds have made an impact on me.  I can name many of my teachers from all walks and parts of my life. I began my school life in Head Start as we could not afford kindergarten (it was private pay at that time), and it gave me a leg up on learning.  

My 1st grade teacher taught me that I was worthy and important to my classmates, that we all matter, and that learning can be fun.  The crafts we made in 2nd and 3rd grades for Christmas for my parents are treasured mementos that we still have today.  

My love of reading came from my 4th grade teacher. Each day after lunch, she read to us and took us on wonderful journeys.  In the 5th grade we created a painted silhouette of ourselves to give to our parents. I still have my silhouette. I remember having hiccups in class while painting mine. I was taken to the school office to visit with Mr. Baker, the principal, in hopes of him ‘scaring’ them out of me!  It worked!    Now that is not to say that was my first time going to the office because you may or may not be aware, but I talk a lot!  

During the summers I attended vacation bible school. The women and men who volunteered their time and money gave me many, many gifts that I remember fondly and vividly – the crafts, songs, skits, activities and fellowship.  Girl Scouts and the troop leaders taught me to sell and ask for donations (yes, I sold cookies and even won a trip to a camp!).  They generously gave their time to teach us and be a part of our lives.  

In junior high (what it was called then) we began changing classes and had a home room – that was an experience for sure. I was taught by Mr. Stone how to properly introduce people to each other, the order of precedence when introducing, how to organize a speech, diagram a sentence and recognize the major points in a discussion.  I use all these skills to this day!  I also experienced how to properly lodge a concern or express something I did not feel was fair. Initially I did this incorrectly but was re-directed by a caring principal who saw it as a teaching moment. That lesson stays with me today. 

In high school I participated in UIL and other extra-curricular activities. Today I realize how much the teacher/sponsors gave of their time, attention and money to make us successful and have incredible experiences.  They drove buses, traveled out of town chaperoning, arranged meals, spent time  instructing us on manners, dress and expectations. These educators all helped us be successful.  My 12th grade civics/government teacher taught me the importance of current events, the international and federal influence, the importance of local elections and involvement, as well as the responsibilities I have as a citizen.  

People from all walks of life teach me something new every day, and for that I feel truly blessed.  I am sure there are many moments I have missed in my musings, but I hope you will take a moment and be grateful for all the teachers in your life!  I aspire to be like those teachers/mentors who have helped shape me into the person I am today.  

Teachers truly exemplify that We Can Do It…..Together!

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