Flood Risk

Flash Flood Alley graphicFloodwaters rise and fall on every creek, draw, bayou, coast and river shoreline in Texas at some point in time. Floods, like drought, are a natural part of the water cycle.

The Guadalupe River provides residents of Seguin a beautiful place to live and adds value with opportunity for recreation, economic benefits, and increased quality of life.

In Seguin, flood risk is real. Because Seguin is located in a region known as Flash Flood Alley the most dangerous of natural disasters for our city is flooding. Flash Flood Alley stretches from Del Rio in southwest Texas, east to San Antonio and follows the IH-35 corridor north through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Heavy rainfall and drainage off this landscape, also known as the Balcones Escarpment, combine to make this part of Texas one of the most flood-prone regions in North America.

Flooding can result in a large loss of life and property, and as such Seguin is working to meet the challenge of protecting people, property, and the natural environment from flooding through planning and preparedness. Understanding your flood risk is the first step.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) estimates that just a single inch of floodwater in a home causes $26,807 in damages. Even more significantly, floods can be fatal. With accurate and timely information, citizens can take steps to protect themselves and their property from the worst effects of flood.

Please browse the Flood Risk pages on this website to increase your flood awareness and preparedness.