Emergency & Non-Emergency Communications

Communication before, during, and after a crisis is critical. Stay prepared and informed by signing up for at least two of the communication methods to ensure you receive important messages that could affect your family, home, or daily routine. While you may receive the same message twice, you will be assured to receive at least one.

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Social Media Center - Visit our Social Media Center for a full list of all City of Seguin social media pages.

Emergency Notifications - If there is a significant natural or man-made emergency in your area – flood, tornado, hazardous material spill, etc. – local officials have the ability to send messages to all standard voice and text communication devices you register, making you aware of the situation and giving you instructions on how to respond by using a “Emergency Notification System”. 

Register online with the Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN) to receive emergency notifications, including phone calls, SMS text messages and emails. A primary phone number must be added to register. Please add a phone number capable of receiving text messages and an email address. If you would like alerts relevant to your home address, work, school, or even the home of a relative in the tri-county area, you can create a separate registration for each address and receive emergency notifications for those specific areas.  

This system is not fast enough to send messages about severe weather warnings. Please tune to local radio/TV stations for the latest weather warnings. 

Call 9-1-1 for emergencies

For non-emergencies, call the Seguin Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number at 830-379-2123