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Wave Pool

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  1. Full concession services
  2. Kiddie Pool
  3. Life Jackets
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Restrooms
  6. Shade Structures
  7. Trash Receptacles
  8. Water Feature
  9. Wave Pool

Seguin Wave Pool is now closed for the season. See you in 2024!

The Seguin Wave Pool is located in Max Starcke Park East, 1 Wave Pool Drive, Seguin, Texas, and features a 15,000-square-foot wave pool with a zero-depth beach entry, splash pool, and a raindrop mushroom.

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please be advised that due to the possibility of inclement weather, mechanical failures of equipment and/or facilities, or inability to operate due to low staffing levels, open hours and dates may be adjusted.

Phone: 830-379-POOL (830-379-7665) or 830-401-2480

General Admission - Add 2% service charge for credit card transactions:

  • Ages 0 to 3: Free
  • Ages 4 to 11: $5
  • Ages 12 to 59: $6
  • Ages 60 and Over: $5

All guests entering the complex are required to pay admission price.

Discount Rates:

  • 50% discount for 10 or more patrons
  • 50% discounted entry after 4 pm

Season Passes

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