Advisory Committee

Animal Services Advisory Board


Purpose of the Seguin Animal Services Committee

Seguin City Ordinances (Sec. 14-251) establish the necessity of the Seguin Animal Services Committee.  The Committee is to "assist the operations of the animal services facility so it meets the Texas Health and Safety Code.  Additionally, the State of Texas Health and Safety Code (Sec. 823.005) also mandate that "the governing body," or City Council, appoint an advisory committee to assist in complying with the requirements of the Texas Health and Safety Code as it relates to animal services.  The State Health Code mandates at least one veterinarian, one county or municipal official, one person associated with the daily operation of the shelter, and one representative from an animal welfare organization.

Members of the Seguin Animal Services Committee:

- Animal Services Shelter Manager Shelley Lutz (Animal Services Representative)

- Dr. Scott Bugai (Veterinarian representative)

- Councilwoman Monica Napier Carter (City of Seguin Official)

- Fonda Mathis (Citizen Representative)

- Virginia Clements (Animal Welfare Representative)

Seguin Animal Services Committee meetings

By State law, the Advisory Committee is required to meet at least three times a calendar year.

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