Altered (1st Offense)

$ 20


Altered (2nd Offense)

$ 40


Altered (3rd Offense)

$ 60


Unaltered (1st Offense)

$ 45


Unaltered (2nd Offense)


  Unaltered (Third Offense) $85

Dangerous Dog Registration

  $ 50



Daily Board
(Cats and Dogs)


$ 10 (per day)

Livestock Permit 

Fowl Permit

  $25 (annually)

$10 (annually)



Rabies Quarantine

Quarantine Daily Boarding


$ 100

$10 per day

City License

Duplicate Tag


$  5

No Charge

Dog Adoptions



Cat Adoptions



Euthanasia/ Owner Surrender: 
Up to 50 lbs
More than 50 lbs

Cremation :
Up to 50 lbs
More tan 50 lbs




Rabies Testing (Lab Fee)


$ 25.00

All impounded animals will be charged an impound fee plus board for each night they stay at the shelter. A rabies certificate must be presented to redeem your pet. If your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination, you will need to pay for one at the veterinary clinic before redeeming your pet. City License tags are required for all dogs and cats in the City limits. City tags are annual and a new one must be purchased each year.

After 72 hours unclaimed pets become the property of the City of Seguin and may be adopted or euthanized.

Animals that appear healthy and are friendly may be available for adoption as family pets. All adopted animals must be spayed or neutered. Proof of surgery is required. Every effort is made to ensure that pets are adopted into compatible homes, therefore adoptions must be approved by the supervisor or assistant supervisor.


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