As per City Ordinance 14-8 :
Nuisance fur-bearing animals may be trapped and captured.
Click here for our Trapping Agreement. 

If you do not have a trap and wish to get in our trap list please contact us at 830-401-2335.

Microchipping is available during business hours for dogs/cats at any ages for $10. 
Must bring in Valid ID/DL with proof of ownership to microchip. 

Deceased Animals Pick up:
Pick up fee: $15

With Disposal fees as per size/weight of animal:
Up to 25 lbs: $20
More than 25 lbs: $40

Must be paid before pick up.

City License:

Registration and license are required for dogs and cats within the city limits (City Ordinance 14-71):

  • All dogs and cats must have a valid city license at 4 months (16 weeks) of age. To obtain a city license the animal must be currently rabies vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. Rabies certificate is required.
  • City licenses can be purchased for $5.00 at your local veterinarian’s office or at the Animal Services facility.
  • City licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

After Hours:
Animal Services provides call back service after normal business and holiday hours when contacted by the Police Department. Response time for the on-call officer is 45 minutes. The SPD will assist as needed with emergency call outs. Emergencies requiring a possible call-out of an ASO include but are not limited to:

  • Confined Stray animal with life threatening injury.
  • Animal posing an immediate threat to public safety.
  • Any situation that the SPD requires Animal Services to respond to. 
The following examples are not considered an emergency warranting a call-out:

  • Barking Dogs.
  • Dead Animals. 
  • Unconfined Animals.
  • Injured Animals with owner present.

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