The Fire Chief is responsible for the overall management of the Department, with functions of
various duties and tasks delegated to the Battalion Chiefs, Fire Marshal, Fire/EMS Assistant,
working groups, and other individual personnel. The Assistant Fire Chief oversees the
department's overall operations. This management team provides administrative
control of the department, supervises the daily operations and activities of our staff, directs
personnel management activities, and coordinates all training events in a system designed to
achieve our primary goal of protecting the lives and property of the residents and visitors to the
city of Seguin.

 D. Skinner 2022      G. Herbert 2022  G. Dreiss 2022
Fire Chief
Dale Skinner
(830) 401-2310 (office)

    Assistant Fire Chief
Garrick Herbert
(830) 401-2310 (office)
Fire Marshal
Greg Dreiss
(830) 401-2310 (office)

 F. Herrera 2022      T. Teboe 2022  W. Krueger2022
Battalion Chief - A Shift
Frank Herrera
(830) 401-2313 (office)

    Battalion Chief - B Shift
Tom Teboe
(830) 401-2313 (office)

Battalion Chief - C Shift
Westley Krueger
(830) 401-2313 (office)

Fire/EMS Assistant
Lisa Trevino
(830) 401-2321 (office)


Fire/EMS Administrative Tech
Leslie Reinikka
(830) 401-2332







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