Human Resources

205 N. RIVER ST., P.O. BOX 591
SEGUIN, TEXAS 78156-0591
PHONE: (830) 401-2473 FAX: (830) 401-2478

Mission Statement
The Human Resource Department administers compensation, payroll and benefits; recruits and hires for position vacancies; establishes, maintains and enforces personnel policies in compliance with state and federal law; coordinates non job-specific training; and maintains an accurate record keeping system for all employee related information.

The department’s mission is to establish and maintain a work environment that: manages employees in a fair and consistent manner; provides opportunities for employees to contribute to the organization; recognizes employee contributions; and fosters effective communication between the City Manager and employees.

Limited English Proficiency Policy Statement


Kristy Lehnert
Director of Human Resources
(830) 386-2570

Jennifer Gauna
Employee Relations Manager
(830) 401-2471

Courtney Toliver
Human Resources Generalist
(830) 401-2473

Pina Iuffredo
Human Resource & Risk Management Administrator
(830) 386-2244

Dee Ann Jimenez
Payroll Benefits Administrator
(830) 386-2548

Human Resources Assistant
(830) 401-2472

The City of Seguin is an "Equal Employment Opportunity Employer".  Any applicant or employee who feels that he/she has been the subject of discrimination should contact:

Kristy Lehnert
Director of Human Resources
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
City of Seguin
P.O. Box 591
Seguin, TX 78156-0591
(830) 386-2570

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