Zoom Hearings Online

Zoom Hearings Online

Virtual Court Information

Seguin Municipal Court now offers a virtual court appearance option. A virtual court appearance allows defendants to dispose of most cases via a video conference with the Judge through the use of Zoom. You may utilize a computer or your wireless device.

If you are interested in a virtual court appearance, please contact the court for available dates and times. Contact us @830-401-2325.

To participate in a Zoom hearing, you will need the following:

1. A device capable of accessing an Internet connection (Smart phone, Tablet PC, Etc);

2. An Internet connection;

3. A web cam attached to your computer or a built-in camera on your device that will allow the Judge to see you during the video conference;

4. A microphone or built-in mic that will allow you to talk to the Judge;

5. Your device must have speakers attached or built-in that will allow you to hear the Judge.

Recording Court Proceedings:

* No person may record a court proceeding without the court's permission. This prohibition applies to all persons, including members of the public viewing the proceedings on any court's live stream. Any person found to be in violation of this order faces contempt proceedings which may include up to a $100 fine and a sentence of confinement for up to three days in jail for each act of contempt of court.

Virtual Court Process: This information is being provided to you to help you understand the virtual courtroom experience.
* Proper courtroom etiquette and attire is required;
* To comply with the State if Texas 'Open Court' requirements, the Courthouse and Courtroom will be open to the public during the zoom hearing for any persons interested in attending or view the hearing. An internet device or an internet connection will not be necessary for those wanting to watch or view the zoom hearing at the courtroom. The zoom hearing will not be streamed live to the public because of the financial data and personal information obtained during the hearings which may cause irreparable harm to the defendant if gathered and misused by a third party;
* Audio and video are necessary for the virtual courtroom hearing. When joining the hearing, please select "Join with Audio and Video";
* When you enter the virtual courtroom, your profile will be renamed as part of the court check-in process;
* As you enter the hearing, your profile is muted and should remain muted until you speak with the Judge or the Prosecutor. When your name is called, please unmute your profile;
 * The Judge will address each of you individually regarding your case. Any required documentation and links to payment information will be sent to you via email. You are responsible for returning any documents to the court

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