Mission Statement

To provide for the health, safety and general welfare of the city of Seguin by promoting growth and development policies that protect and preserve places and areas of historical, environmental and cultural importance and by fostering policies that support neighborhood integrity and a thriving business climate.

Planning and Codes 

Pamela Centeno

Director of Planning/Codes

(830) 386-2505

Ismael Segovia

Asst. Director of Planning/Codes

(830) 401-2306

Helena Schaefer

Senior Planner

(830) 386-2527

Francis Serna

Planning Assistant

(830) 386-2505

Permits and Inspections

Stephanie Preslock

Permit Technician

(830) 401-2435

Valarie Hernandez

Permit Technician

(830) 401-2440

Gerald Bodin

Building Official ,CFM

(830) 401-2436

Hailee Hull

Building Inspector

(830) 401-2437

Wes Cates

Building Inspector

(830) 401-2433

Keith Austin

Building Inspector

(830) 386-2581

Environmental Health

Tommy Schriewer

Environmental Health Supervisor

(830) 401-2432

Code Compliance

Tim Ramirez

Code Compliance Officer

(830) 401-2438

Charles Just

Code Compliance Officer

(830) 401-2488

Permit Counter Hours - The permit counter is open to the public from 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
This allows staff an extra hour in the morning and half hour in the evening, to take care of critical tasks like preparing daily deposits and entering inspection requests that come in by phone and email, allowing our team to balance the needs of all of our customers and allow staff to complete other duties required of our department.
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