Maps and GIS/Addressing

The map and data on this page are for information purposes only and represent the best data available at the time of printing. The City of Seguin assumes no liability for errors on this map or use of this information.

Interactive Maps

        City Limits and ETJ
        City Council Districts
        Electric CCN Service Area
        Water CCN Service Area

Static Maps

To request GIS data (shapefiles) for the following data sets, please contact Helena Schaefer at 830-386-2527 or All data in NAD 1983 State Plane Texas South Central FIPS 4204 Ft.

          City Limits
          Future Land Use
          Thoroughfare Plan

        The City of Seguin Planning and Codes Department creates the 911 addressing for the City. To request an address, please complete the application below. For large residential developments and non-residential developments, a recorded plat or an approved site plan, or posted surety is required before any addresses will be released.
        Application for 911 Address Request

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