Alarm Permits


Why get an alarm permit?

Having a permit may help avoid fines for excessive or false alarms by giving police the ability to proactively track problems.  Administrative fees are issued for excessive false alarms, even if you have a permit. Alarm owners are allowed three false alarms within a 365 day period.  Any false alarms beyond that point are deemed excessive and will result in an administrative fee being assessed.  The cost (false alarm charges) of the invoices are:

$ 50 fee for 4 - 5 alarms in any 12 month period.
$ 75 fee for 6 - 7 alarms in any 12 month period.
$ 100 fee for 8+ false alarms in any 12 month period.

How to get a permit?

An application must be filled out and returned with the fee to get the new alarm permit. You can pick up an application at the Police Station, City Hall, or download an application.

How to much is a permit?

$ 25 - Residential (annual)
$ 50 - Commercial (annual)

How often do I have to renew?


I’ve never had an alarm permit – who is required to get a permit?

Anyone with an automatic fire or security alarm system in a home or business within the Seguin City limits must have a permit.

I have a fire alarm and a security alarm. Do I have to get two permits?

No. Only one alarm permit is required per address.

I just moved into a new home/business with an existing alarm.  Is the old permit still valid?  
No, permits do not transfer to new owners or new locations. As a new owner, you must re-apply for the permit and pay the fee. 

False Alarms

If my alarm goes off by accident, can I do anything?

Yes. You can cancel the call. If you know your alarm has gone off improperly, call your alarm company immediately. If the call is cancelled before officers or firefighters arrive, it won’t count as a false alarm.

What can I do to prevent false alarms?
Ensure that all responsible parties know how to properly operate and maintain your alarm system. You may want to consult your alarm company for its recommendation.

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