Message from the Chief of Police


Terry Nichols
Chief of Police

I am proud to serve as the Chief of Police in Seguin, a vibrant city with a rich history and an exciting future.   It is an honor to serve with the 59 sworn officers and 29 civilian personnel that make up our department.  They have dedicated themselves to the mission of our department, which is “to provide professional law enforcement service to the citizens and guests of Seguin through a proactive approach to crime, a partnership with the community, and a commitment to service.”

As part of the commitment to this pledge, we are constantly striving to strengthen our bond with the community.  A strong partnership between the citizens of Seguin and their police department will forge a stronger barrier against crime and disorder.  I promise to listen to your concerns, address problems expeditiously, and seek long term solutions to community problems. 

As our city grows, so will the ranks of the police department.  An expanded workforce means more interactions with our citizens.   I welcome new residents and invite them to become part of our team.  A team member might participate in a neighborhood watch program, volunteer with local schools or youth services, volunteer with our department, or simply being a caring, considerate neighbor.

It is incumbent upon me to let our community partners see a clear picture of the crime trends in our city.  Uniform Crime Report Statistics show that the crime rate in the United States has dropped in the last ten years.  This is mirrored in the statistics for Seguin.  In fact, we have experienced a 6% decline in overall crime during the last year.   

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