What is Stormwater?

When land is developed into buildings, roads and parking lots, rainfall runs off these impervious areas and creates ever increasing volumes of rapidly moving water which can carry pollutants, erode streams and cause flooding concerns.

Impervious area: A surface that has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is resistant to ground infiltration by water

Every property in the city contributes to stormwater runoff, and therefore every property should support the improvements, operation and maintenance of stormwater drainage systems in an equitable manner.

The Texas Local Government code provides Municipalities the opportunity to utilize funding mechanisms (fees) for paying for drainage projects, stormwater public education, operation and maintenance of existing stormwater systems. 

Stormwater Drainage Utility Fee
The City of Seguin has a history of flooding due to inadequate drainage infrastructure and rapid growth. The City is implementing a Storm Water Drainage Utility Fee beginning in January 2023 to fund capital improvement drainage projects. The fee will also help fund the operation and maintenance of the City’s drainage infrastructure with the purpose of reducing flooding, the reduction of standing water in the street networks with limited drainage systems or “localized flooding”, and improving water quality.

Benefits to the City

  • Repairing and maintaining public infrastructure
  • Maintaining public safety and health
  • Lowering long-term costs to taxpayers.

Why is a Stormwater Fee Needed?
Seguin is facing rapid growth from residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial development. The Stormwater Utility Fee will help the City have a dedicated revenue system to address the growth and the impact it has on our local drainage infrastructure and address Seguin’s costs related to control and treatment of stormwater including flooding issues and water quality.

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