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June 2020 Message

As has happened in communities throughout the world, effects from the tragic death of George Floyd have also been felt in Seguin. So far, the protests here have been peaceful and without incident. That is a credit to those who organized and participated in the protests, and also to our local police department headed up by Chief Terry Nichols.

Yes, some windows were broken at one of our downtown businesses well after a demonstration ended. I feel secure in knowing that the incident had nothing to do with the protests, and everything to do with an alleged clueless nut-ball trying to garner personal attention. Very few crimes in Seguin have been solved so quickly. This alleged genius posted his act on social media and was quickly ratted out by the very people he was trying to impress.

I will now return to my point about the peaceful protests, and again thank those who organized and participated in the protests. They are indeed a reflection of the overall positive character of our community, and they should be commended for letting their ideas be heard peacefully, as it is their right to do so.

Since George Floyd’s death, I’ve had some local residents ask me if our Seguin Police Department had policies in place for restraining violent prisoners. The answer is yes. We are blessed to have a man of great integrity running our police department – Chief Terry Nichols. He is a recognized authority on prisoner restraint, and has spent years teaching his methods. He was recently interviewed by News4 San Antonio, and demonstrated a device that safely and effectively restrains a violent prisoner. If you missed it, you can check News4’s archives online.  Please know that when it comes to prisoner restraint, your Seguin Police Department is as prepared and well-trained as any other in the nation. They’ve got this.

As in any organization, bad apples will appear. Police departments are no different from any other organization in that regard. Unfortunately, something tragic usually has to happen for that bad apple to be discovered. Fortunately, we have experienced staff and an administration that tries to minimize and eliminate “bad apples” through screening, training and effective leadership. The next time you see one of our great officers, tell them thanks for their service and their dedication to keeping us safe.

Now I’ll switch gears a bit…

Well, it appears that our community overwhelmingly wants to keep our July 4th celebration rolling… literally. We will have fireworks on the evening of the 3rd, and we will have a parade. 80% of the respondents in our on-line poll gave it a thumbs-up. Will the parade be one of the huge conflagrations we’ve had in the past? Not exactly. But it will be a parade nonetheless.  There will be no marching bands, and floats will be limited to 10 people on each float.

At this time, we have about 80 entries in the parade. As usual, Marty and I will be on the tandem bicycle.  Sadly, it will be my last ride as mayor. I think there may be some city council members on 2-wheelers that will join us as well. It will be fun, but different and shorter.

The highlight of the parade this year will be the Grand Marshals. I’ve asked the graduating Seniors from Seguin and Navarro High Schools to be honored. These kids have been deprived of so many of the great rights-of-passage that are celebrated during a “normal” 12th year.  We’ve asked them to wear their mortar boards and/or graduation gowns, march at the head of the parade, and celebrate their great accomplishment in front of the whole community.

Make sure your plans to attend the parade are tentative. We reserve the right to cancel the event right up to the day before, if there is an alarming spike in coronavirus cases. We are asking those who feel the least bit uncomfortable about being in a large public gathering, or are in the coronavirus “vulnerable category” to please stay home and watch the parade live-streamed on the City of Seguin’s Facebook page.

It’s going to be a very different summer in Seguin… and everywhere else for that matter. Remember to keep your distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask if you have to be close anyone. 

Gosh I love this town!


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