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March 2021 Message 

I’d like to take a moment and share my experience with three wonderful programs I’ve participated in that have given me unique insights about our hometown.

The first is Leadership Seguin, a class organized and conducted by the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce. If I remember correctly, I was in the third class, and at that point in time we did not have a service component to the program as they do now. Over the last several years, the Leadership Seguin classes have spearheaded service projects that enhance and improve our community. The class selects the project and raises the needed funds to complete it. I have a distinct memory of a fellow class member who was born and raised in Seguin saying that he learned more about the City of Seguin in this class than he thought possible – and he thought he knew everything! I found that to be so true. I learned many interesting aspects about our community from industry, real estate and art to business, service organizations and local government. It was a wonderful experience and no matter how long you’ve been in Seguin, I encourage you make it a goal to be involved in Leadership Seguin.

In my first year on City Council, I participated in the Seguin Fire Department’s inaugural Citizens Fire Academy class. In this class, I learned the department’s history and how the fire department has evolved. I was able to learn all aspects of being a fire fighter and emergency management technician, including basic first aid and CPR, suiting up in bunker gear (very hot), vehicle extrication, extinguishing a fire and the purpose of each piece of equipment our firefighters use.  The class became part of the Seguin Fire Department family and learned how all first responders work together!

Next, I attended the Seguin Police Department Citizens Police Academy.  This class has been in existence for many years and includes a history of the department, firearm training, and an overview of each area, as well as getting to experience first-hand the many facets of the job. We learned how police officers and civilian staff conduct their jobs, the training involved and how law enforcement engages with the public.  Once again, our class became a part of the Seguin Police Department family and enjoyed seeing how all first responders work together.  A Citizens Police Academy class is currently being formed – I encourage you to get involved! 

Both the Citizens Fire and Police Academies have alumni associations.  Members of the Alumni Associations aid the departments during difficult long calls, support equipment needs, become volunteers for community education events and provide support for the firefighters and police officers.  I am involved in each of these groups as I believe our first responders need and deserve any and all support!

A major takeaway from each of these programs is that I became a community ambassador and partner. I am now better able to understand all that we as a City have to offer, the very important roles our first responders play and why they do what they do.

One of these days we are going to have a Citizens Academy to learn about City government - what happens, how it works and how we can all take part!  I believe the more I know and learn about how and why things are done, I become a better involved citizen and a part of the solution. I want all of us to become ambassadors for the many aspects of our hometown.  The above is a great starting point.

We Can Do It…Together.   

~ Mayor Donna Dodgen


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