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June 2021 Message

Your help is needed.

Two projects in Seguin are eligible for federal funding through the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) -- but they need community input to help prioritize which ones will be funded.  Both projects are competing with 68 other projects to secure a portion of $300 million set aside for transportation improvements in the San Antonio area. 

The larger of the two projects — Project 2 — was jointly submitted by the City of Seguin and Guadalupe County and calls for the improvement of Cordova Road from State Hwy 46 to State Hwy 123.

The second project under consideration — Project 49 — was submitted by the City of Seguin and aims to make pedestrian improvements along Stratton, Jefferson, Guadalupe and Nelda streets. 

The Seguin Gazette said it well!  ‘It is of the utmost importance to do all we can to bring these projects to our expanding town.  Wouldn’t it be better to get a helping hand from the federal government so we don’t have to foot the entire bill ourselves?’

Below is a sample of a public comment posted in the survey.

Cordova Road is the primary artery interconnecting Highways 123 and 46 north of Seguin. With approximately 40 new subdivisions and 11k new dwellings, many of which are in North Seguin in close proximity to Cordova Road, the rate of expansion is eye opening. As a proud resident of Seguin, I have met many people that call Seguin home and commute all over the region. Seguin itself has an amazingly strong industrial community. Currently Cordova Road is an unsafe, dated road in dire need of improvement to offset the expansive growth and flooding issues that exist today. Please do consider investing your federal funding in our community to help Seguin meet the rapid growth underway.

AAMPO is collecting comments from the public on its website through June 27. You can view a brochure and interactive map of the 68 projects, and designate the top 4 (including Project 2 and Project 49!) you think should be awarded funding. The organization will use feedback to help prioritize which projects should receive the federal funding. 

Please submit your thoughts on the two proposed road projects in Seguin currently under consideration to receive federal funding through AAMPO by visiting 

Public comment is a large portion of the scoring and Seguin has historically responded well and is known for its participation – so let’s do it once again!  Please tell your family, friends and neighbors.  WE CAN DO IT…Together


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