Improvements needed at Seguin Events Complex I.D.ed through focus group

SEGUIN, Texas – As of January 5th, the city will take over operations and maintenance of the Seguin Events Complex. Current users of the complex and its facilities got a chance to share what they feel would make the complex a safer, more successful, venue.

On Tuesday morning, representatives from six groups, including Buck Fever, the Guadalupe County Fair Association, the Guadalupe County Youth Show, and several horse show and barrel racing events, were invited to a focus group hosted by the assistant city manager and parks and recreation director. Existing users toured the entire complex pointing out where problem areas were located. After the tour, the groups worked together to create a top ten list of high-priority improvements to enhance the usability and safety of the complex.

“The horse barn needs a lot of work. We know that it can be a great asset to bring in events. We plan to take care of any safety issues and other concerns as soon as possible,” said Jack Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation.

All of the groups attending the focus group agreed that updating all of the restrooms to ADA compliant standards was a major priority. The horse barn and dance slab were identified as needing the most attention.

“The city is going to use the list as we embark on the next phase for the Seguin Events Complex. This will be our road map when deciding where to spend funding to make it safer and more attractive to events,” said Rick Cortes, Assistant City Manager.

City council members Tomas V. Castellon, Jr. (District 4) and Fonda Mathis (District 6) who sit on the Seguin Events Complex Task Force were also on-hand to facilitate the groups’ discussion and final list of improvements.

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Jack Jones, Director of Parks & Rec speaks with groups about facilties

Posted by: Morgan Ash