Garbage/recycling rates dip; recycling participation continues to grow

SEGUIN, Texas – Every six months, the city’s garbage and recycling provider, Progressive Waste Solutions, is required to make rate adjustments based on the average cost of diesel during that time period.

“Fortunately, the price of diesel has gone down; allowing Progressive to reduce the amount they charge the city for their services. However, Progressive may also change their “initial rates” based on the Consumer Price Index,” said Rick Cortes, Assistant City Manager.

The Consumer Price Index has increased by 0.2%. Factoring the CPI and reduction in fuel prices, the city has figured a $0.39 decrease for garbage and recycling customers. Previously, the total fees for garbage and recycling services was $16.85. The new rate will reduce that fee to $16.46 (a savings of $0.39).

America Recycles Day:

The City of Seguin will again celebrate “America Recycles Day” on November 15th.

“Last year we had a successful campaign to educate our youngest citizens about the importance of recycling. If we teach kids how to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, we can create a greener future for everyone. We hope members of the community can find a way a way to promote recycling in their neighborhoods,” said Olivia De Leon, Utilities Assistant.

This year, the city is asking for folks to take #AmericaRecyclesDaySeguin selfies! Our favorite photo will be featured in the next Guide to a Greener Seguin. To enter the contest, just take a photo of you, your family, co-workers or kids recycling using the bright blue bins. Then, post your pics to Twitter and Facebook with the following hashtags: #AmericaRecyclesDaySeguin and #GreeninSeguin.

City of Seguin Recycling Rates:
The 2015 fiscal year Recycling Report (Oct. 2014 – Sept. 2015) shows Seguin residents are recycling more than ever with close to 60% participation. During the previous fiscal year (2014) only 42% of residents were recycling.

Last month, the city recycled 117 tons of material, the third highest month for the fiscal year (Dec. 2014 – 121.6; July 2015 – 118). The city recycled 104 tons of material during the 2015 fiscal year compared to 97 tons in fiscal year 2014. That’s a 7 ton increase! Way to go! The city encourages everyone to start using their blue bins and “go green”.

Click here to sign the pledge to recycle more.

2014 featured photo

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Posted by: Morgan Ash