City to conduct utility pole inspections

SEGUIN, Texas – The city has hired a contractor to conduct a thorough inventory of utility pole locations and the utility facilities that are attached to them.
“We just want citizens to be aware that inspectors will be out taking a look at every utility pole. They will be easily identified by marked vehicles and wearing safety vests,” said Clarence Smith, Director of Electric Utilities.
The city has hired McLean Engineering to do the inspections, and that’s what you will see marked on their vehicles (see logo). Smith says the inventory of pole attachments is required for the city to know exactly what’s out there. A GPS reading will be taken at each pole in order to map their exact location. Pole attachments are where other providers such as cable, telephone, or fiber optic communication lines connect to the pole.
Citizens should expect to see inspectors around town before the end of September. It should take six to eight weeks to complete the entire inventory process.
If you have a utility pole connecting directly to your home, the inspector may need to walk around to the back of your property. The city just wants everyone to be aware of what’s happening, and why the workers are there.

Photo of contractor logo that will be marked on vehicles.

Posted by: Morgan Ash