Reminder: Clear the road after an accident


SEGUIN, Texas – Immediately following a vehicle accident, things can become chaotic and overwhelming. The Seguin Police Department has some tips to help you and your family handle the situation quickly and calmly.

“If you happen to be involved in a wreck, the safest thing to do is to immediately drive out of the way of traffic. Find a safe location nearby to park before contacting authorities, other drivers or witnesses,” said Chief Kevin Kelso, Seguin Police Department.

Here are some basic steps can make handling an accident a bit easier and much safer for you and your passengers:

• First, if someone is injured, call 911. You will be asked the location of your accident and also to describe the possible injuries. Please try and remain calm. Being in a car wreck can be a terrifying thing, but becoming increasingly upset will just make it worse.

• Keep in mind that there is no need for notifying the police if you merely have a dinged bumper or a scratched door. However, accidents resulting in over $ 1,000 damage or cause injuries MUST be reported and investigated by law enforcement
• Don’t forget the names of potential, on scene witnesses, especially if they are going to leave before police arrive. If they drive away unidentified, it’s tough getting their names.

Ironically, it’s what you do before an accident that makes you better prepared after an accident. Being prepared can prevent stress after an accident:

• Make sure to keep a copy of your insurance information and a pen and paper in your car; it will make the post-accident process much easier.

• You are required by Texas law to have proof of your insurance with you; fortunately, most insurers provide cards that have all your information already on them. Many cell phones come equipped with a camera which makes documenting vehicle damage quick and easy.

Get off the road – Yes, move the cars!

Oh no! Despite being a safe, defensive driver, you’re involved in a minor fender bender! NO, it is not fun, and YES, it’s a little scary…. BUT DO NOT leave the cars in the roadway. Wait until you are in a safe location before gathering information from the other motorists after an accident. However, if you can’t move your car without causing further damage, don’t try.

The Texas Transportation code states that if an accident occurs on a roadway and each vehicle can be “normally and safely driven,” the vehicle must be moved to a safe, suitable (nearby) location. Failure to do this could result in a Class C Misdemeanor (up to $ 200 fine).

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Posted by: Morgan Ash