July recycling collection rate increases 2.6 tons over June


SEGUIN, Texas – Great job, Seguin! We’re well on our way to seeing our vision for a greener city come true.

“It’s great to see the progress each month in the amount of recycling being picked up. Keep up the good work – it takes a lot of teamwork to make Seguin a beautiful place to live now and in the future,” said Morgan Ash, Public Information Officer.

In June, the city saw the highest collection rate for 2015. Only in December did we top that amount which was likely due to the holidays (extra shipping boxes, gift boxes, wrapping paper, etc.). In July we topped June by 2.6 tons of recycling collected, a total of 118 tons.

“Tonnage is the current way we track our progress. However, we’re trying to move towards tracking participation levels. We want to encourage residents to reduce the amount of garbage they produce, reuse items as much as they can, and then recycle,” said Olivia De Leon, Utilities Assistant.

The city is asking Progressive Waste, the company that provides our garbage and recycling services, to report how many residents are actually using their recycling bins versus just how much stuff the city is recycling.

Click here for the official press release.

Posted by: Morgan Ash