Conventions & Visitors Bureau's brochure wins statewide award


SEGUIN, Texas – Conventions & Visitors Bureau (CVB) staff is proud to announce receiving an award for their brochure on “Limecrete Architecture” from the Texas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus during their recent statewide conference in Houston.

“We’re thrilled to see our brochure caught the attention of the judges. The brochure includes the history of ‘limecrete’ in Seguin, detailed information about each structure, and a fold out map indicating the location of the remaining buildings constructed of ‘limecrete’,” said Jillian Boldway, CVB Director.

The production and publication of the brochure won the Idea Fair in the Local Awareness Category. Notable ‘limecrete’ structures highlighted in the brochure include: The Sebastopol House, St. James Catholic School, the historic Baptist Church on S. Camp St. and the single story section of the Magnolia Hotel.

Boldway hopes all of CVB’s publications are successful at pointing out the historic attractions that make Seguin a unique destination for visitors.

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DIgital version of the Limecrete Architecture brochure: Brochure Cover Pg. 1, Pg. 2, Pg. 3, Pg. 4

About Seguin’s Concrete Past:
For some years before the Civil War, this frontier town was a center of experimentation with concrete. At least two citizens had their own formulas and competed for contracts to put up some large structures. Dr. John E. Park, a Georgia-born physician and chemist who moved here in the late 1840s, was one of them. Years before Portland cement was patented, he had developed and patented his own formulas for "limecrete" that used materials obtained locally. Learn more about ‘limecrete’ and Seguin here.

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Posted by: Morgan Ash