Council approves LED streetlights; huge savings projected

SEGUIN, Texas – On Tuesday evening, City Council approved a measure to replace all streetlights with new LED bulbs. The switch could save the city over $125,000 annually in maintenance and operating costs. In addition of significant energy savings, LED bulbs produce a higher quality of illumination, resulting in a safer driving environment. 

“Most cities are going to LED street lights for the savings and the better quality of light, we are going to change all of them out at once instead of just replacing old bulbs when they go out. We are looking at 90 days to replace all the lights and update arms throughout the City.  This way we see immediate savings,” said Clarence Smith, Director of Electric Utilities.

In order to maximize savings, City staff will be changing out all the high pressure sodium lights currently utilized with LED lights.  High Pressure Sodium bulbs only last 2 to 3 years, and the city spends over $200,000 a year maintaining and replacing them, the City’s Electric Department spends 500 hours a year on maintaining these lights now. We have about 75 LED Lights that have been up for 4 years now and we have only had one go bad. Once the switch out is complete, Smith is looking for a 4 year pay back on the initial cost.

City staff will also take this opportunity to enhance the operational efficiencies of the street lights standards and poles.   Currently, the city has three lengths of street light arms, 2, 4 and 8 feet.   During the LED switch out process, crews will be replacing all of the 2 and 4-foot street light arms with eight foot arms.  This allows more light to shine over the street and not in customer’s yards.

Street lights located on residential streets will be replaced with 150 watt LEDs and lights on major streets will have 200 watt LEDs. The initial cost for the new LED bulbs plus the 8-foot street light arms is estimated at $400,000. ###

Posted by: Morgan Ash