Workers hit large groundwater pocket during sewer expansion project

SEGUIN, Texas – City officials want to clear up any confusion surrounding an ongoing construction project on the north side of town.

“We’ve heard concerns about the amount of water being seen near Martindale Road. We don’t want folks to worry. It’s not coming from a leaky pipe or water being wasted. The water is coming from a natural spring in the area. The heavy rains earlier in the year have activated springs that have been dormant for years.” said Mayor Don Keil, City of Seguin.

These newly active springs are filling up the contractor’s trenches where sewer line is being laid. The construction is part the Heideke-Martindale-Strempel Sanitary Sewer Extension Project aimed at extending sewer lines north in anticipation of future growth and development in that part of town.

Background: Recently, the project contractor hit a large pocket of groundwater as they dug out trenches for the lines. Workers are having to pump it out so they can continue laying sewer lines. The water pumped from the trenches then runs across Strempel Road, which is the alternate route for entrance to Oak Village North.

The heavy rains in May and June caused delays to the Capital Improvement Project that began early this year. This groundwater situation is also an obstacle to keeping construction on schedule. Due to these challenges, completion of the project is now expected to be a couple of months down the road.

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The project will extend sanitary sewer from Heideke Street near Interstate 10 to Martindale Road at the Interstate 10 Access Road to Stremple Road to serve the area and future development. This is a $1.27 million capital improvement project for the City of Seguin.

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Posted by: Morgan Ash