Brush pick-up update for June 29 - July 2

Brush Pick-up Update:

Due to recent bad weather, city crews are working hard to catch up on brush pick-up.

June 29: Crews should finish Zone 3

June 30-July 2: Zone 4 - Includes area of parade route

***Unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rain and wind could affect future pick-up dates. We will post any changes or delays on the City’s Facebook Page, Twitter and website

Weekly Tip: Brush is limited to 5 feet in length; 12 inches in diameter; and not more than 40 pounds in weight for a single branch.

Reminder: It is unlawful to throw, place, dump or deposit any lawn and hedge trimmings on lots, vacant or occupied, driveways or any other private or public property that is not yours - City Code Article III, Sec. 86-70

Posted by: Morgan Ash