Officials remind residents it's illegal to use fireworks within city limits


The City of Seguin wants everyone to have a fun and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. Officials also want residents to keep in mind local and state laws before shooting off fireworks.

According to city ordinance, citizens should not “possess, use, manufacture, sell… transport or discharge fireworks within the city limits” or 5,000 feet from the city limits. (City of Seguin Ordinance Sec. 74-70)

“On the night of the 4th, the Fire Marshal’s Office with the assistance of police will be taking calls and patrolling for illegal use of fireworks. Tickets can go up to $2,000” said Dreiss.

Fire Marshal Greg Dreiss says even though we’ve had a lot of rain, there’s still a lot of dry grass that can easily catch fire.

“If someone causes a fire due to fireworks, they are responsible for any damages” said Dreiss.

He says fireworks are very unpredictable by nature.

“Explosives can’t be controlled. We can never predict the direction or distance a firework will go” said Dreiss.

Even if you choose to light fireworks outside of the city limits use extreme caution. Children should not use them at all unless carefully monitored by adults. Fireworks must be used according to the directions on their packaging.

The city of Seguin hopes residents will celebrate our country’s independence by setting up lawn chairs to enjoy this year’s firework show. Parks and Recreation Director Jack Jones says the sky will start lighting up around dusk, or 9:30 PM. H-E-B is the major sponsor again this year. Caterpillar is also a sponsor.

“Best place to watch the show is probably Max Starke Park on the eastside or the Seguin Coliseum parking lot” said Jones.

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