Siro Group USA LLC to bring their facility and hundreds of jobs to Seguin

For Immediate Release
October 28, 2014

Contact: Terry Treviño, Seguin Economic Development Cperation Director
Phone: (830) 401-2476

Siro Group USA LLC to bring their facility and hundreds of jobs to Seguin

Seguin, TX- The Seguin Economic Development Corporation and City of Seguin announced today that Siro Group USA LLC will locate their facility in Seguin, Texas. On October 28th an incentive package was approved by SEDC and was given final approval by Seguin City Council to recruit the project, which will create over $58.5 million in new capital investment and 212 new jobs over six years.

To position Seguin competitively a local incentive package was utilized which included an $800,000 state grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund, and a five year property tax abatement from the City and County.

Over the five year period of the incentive package, the City, County, Lateral Road, and School District are anticipated to receive over $5 million total in new property tax revenue, net of the tax abatement.

“We are extremely excited by this announcement and look forward to continuing our long and mutually-beneficial relationship with Siro Group USA,LLC” said Seguin Mayor Don Keil. “The recruitment of this project was made possible by the cooperative effort of the City, SEDC and County. It is another great example of how our community is able to aggressively utilize its economic development resources and pro-business approach to create a win-win partnership.”

“I am pleased that Siro USA, LLC has chosen to build their first North American Food Manufacturing facility in Seguin, Texas,” stated Guadalupe County Commissioner Kyle Kutcher. “This project will create 212 new quality jobs for our region and further establish Guadalupe County at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in state and the nation.”

Siro Group USA LLC is a family owned business with more than 4,000 employees, a Research and Development Center and 19 production facilities primarily in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Its headquarters are located in Madrid (Spain), Chilworth (UK), San Antonio (USA), Sintra (Portugal) and Bologna (Italy).

In addition, Siro Group USA will incorporate the Texas based Factory, the R&D Center and the Special Employment Center to its international structure.

The Factory will produce a variety of food products, including cookies, cakes, and snacks, and introduce several new items every year. The R&D Center will create 10-15 high quality Food Scientist jobs and include a $1.5 million dollar investment. The Special Employment Center will produce snacks, rice, and corn cakes and create 20 adapted jobs and hope to add more for those considered socially excluded from the workforce including the disabled and veterans.

Currently, 14% of their staff are disadvantaged or disabled people and half of its employees are women, a trend they expect to continue with their entrance into North America. Statistics here in Guadalupe County fit well with Siro’s vision with there being veterans in the greater Seguin area, 892 of which are a part of the Seguin Chapter of Disabled American Veterans.

Siro Group plans to start their engineering for their project in 2015 with anticipated construction to begin in 2016 with a 250,000 sq ft facility located on approximately 50 acres of land at the intersection of Rio Nogales Drive and Eighth Street. The site is a part of the 50 acre tract currently owned by the Seguin Economic Development Corporation. In order to recruit the project to Seguin, the Seguin Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors approved the land grant of 50 acres, as well
as road improvement to 8th street, and electrical upgrades. In exchange for this incentive, Siro Group will be contractually required to meet performance criteria including the creation of new jobs and capital investment over a 5 year period.

“The City of Seguin is, undoubtedly, a strategic location to set up our factory due to its environmental conditions and highly qualified people. The factory will allow us to meet the demands of our clients in the United States while creating long-term economic and social value for locals.” Said Luis Angel Lopez, Cerealto Siro Foods’ CEO.

“We are so delighted to be joining forces with Siro Group USA LLC. The announcement of our partnership with Siro Group adds another great step in our quest to add more diverse jobs here in Seguin,” said Terry Trevino, Director of The Seguin Economic Development Corporation. “All of our teamwork towards building a strong foundation of diversified employers has put us high on the map and earned us recognition for “Where the Jobs Are” nationally and recently, No. 12 in a ranking of ‘Cities on The Rise in Texas.’ Seguin has the jobs and we are blessed to jump on board with Siro’s vision to make this possible for everyone.”

“We are excited that Siro Group USA, LLC has chosen Seguin to establish a presence in North America. Seguin is known for its great working environment and the addition of Siro Group USA, LLC- an innovative and visionary food production company- will add to the diversification of workforce opportunities here. In addition, this opportunity creates substantial positive long-term economic impact for the region.” said Robert Haynes, President of Seguin Economic Development Corporation.

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Posted by: Morgan Ash