Seguin-based oil & gas manufacturer booms despites industry bust period

Seguin, TX – As most folks in Texas know, the oil and gas industry revolves around its boom-and-bust cycles. However, a Seguin-based manufacturer specializing in oil and gas storage tanks made a decision to expand and diversify their capabilities – allowing them to keep their doors open regardless of what the market is doing.

“Many companies who specialize in production equipment for the oil and gas industry have mothballed their facilities or have filed for bankruptcy. Not Tank Partners. By expanding our capabilities we can ease the pain during a depressed market and keep our doors open. However, when the market changes, we can quickly and easily switch gears and ramp up our oil and gas manufacturing,” said Mike Smith, Tank Partners Chief Operating Officer.

Tank Partners has signed deals with Buffalo Armory, LLC, Intelligent Building Systems International (IBSI) and Freight Farms that will bring 60 to 85 skilled labor positions to Seguin.

Buffalo Armory, LLC produces one of the world’s most durable armor solutions that has won the praise of first responders for its reliability and proven stopping power from a wide range of high velocity weapons, including IED fragments.last protection in prefabricated buildings… for deploying structures into volatile and uncertain environments,” said Batiste.

Tank Partners will manufacture active shooter kits for first responders to keep in their patrol cars. They can easily have the body gear they need to save lives in a life-or-death situation. They will also manufacture armor for vehicle and buildings.

Freight Farms produces ‘Leafy Green Machines’ which are basically farms-in-a-box. These shipping containers contain everything needed to farm one acre of produce every 6 to 8 weeks. Tank Partners will be their newest manufacturing partner. The Freight Farms President will also be available for interviews. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash