Lights in Central Park to come down for tree-trimming

SEGUIN, Texas –City Electric crews will be in Central Park this week taking down the tree lights that we have enjoyed for most of the year. 70 thousand LED lights will be delivered soon, and the trees will get trimmed before they are installed.

At the beginning of this year, City Council approved keeping the “holiday” lights year-round. The move has received rave reviews from downtowners and visitors alike. Soon after the decision to leave them on, the council also approved purchasing new LED lights that would save the city money on electricity costs of keeping them up.

Before the new lights can be installed, a contractor has been hired to trim all of the trees in Central Park. All of the recent rains has thickened the canopy of the trees, and it makes sense to get them in tiptop shape before putting the new lights on.

“The tree-trimmers will be ready to roll next week. Then, we expect to start installing the new lights the last week in September. However, we are planning to wait to turn them on for the first time. We want to wait and show them off at the annual tree lighting during Holiday Stroll,” said Kyle Kramm, Main Street & CVB Director.

Downtown parking directly adjacent to Central Park will be closed while the tree-trimmers are using their lift. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash