Officer Martina Wissman is dedicated to keeping our community safe

SEGUIN, Texas – Seguin Police Office Martina Wissman was selected as the February 2017 Employee of the Month for the City of Seguin. She is being recognized for possibly saving a local citizens’ life recently.

“I’m just very concerned about people and their well-being. I try to be very observant while on patrol,” said Wissman.

Lt. Jerry Hernandez nominated Wissman for the award after hearing about an incident that shows how dedicated she is to keeping the public safe. A couple of months ago, Wissman observed a vehicle driving slightly erratically while she was on patrol. She was able to safely pull the driver over into a convenience store parking lot and ask the man if everything was OK. She learned that he was having a diabetic episode and needed sugar immediately.

Wissman didn’t hesitate and ran into the store to purchase a juice and snack item (out of her own pocket). The man recovered and was able to drive himself home.

“This person made it home safely due to Martina’s keen sense of observation and quick actions. She very well may have saved someone’s life on the road that day. This is another great example of our police officers with the Seguin Police Department,” wrote Lt. Hernandez in his nomination.

Wissman is passionate about her role as a patrol officer. She says it’s about way more than just writing tickets to speeders.

“I want to keep everyone safe on the road in our town. I work hard to prevent accidents from happening and keeping school zones safe places for our kids to walk to school,” said Wissman. ###