Parking Enforcement Officer now patrolling downtown

SEGUIN, Texas – A new face can now be seen around downtown – Carlos Sepeda was recently hired as the city’s new Parking Enforcement Officer. His position was created after concerned area business owners asked city council for help with parking around their businesses.

"A customer's ease of being able to pull in and park can mean the difference between making a sale and losing business on a routine basis, and ensuring that there is a constant turnover of vehicles will ensure that customers to downtown can park with ease.  Our prime parking spaces in downtown should be used by customers to our downtown merchants and businesses, they are our first priority," said Kyle Kramm, Director of Main Street and CVB.

Last fall, council approved enforcing two-hour parking in designated areas downtown, along with hiring a part-time enforcement officer to keep track of violators. Kramm says the best way to prevent getting a ticket is looking for two-hour zone signs placed at the end of the block.

The parking enforcement officer will mark vehicles’ tires with chalk to keep track of how long they have parked in a specific space. If your car is parked over the two-hour timeframe, you can be ticketed and fined $25. You can receive up to three tickets per day.

In a recent survey, parking was rated as the number one obstacle to shopping in downtown Seguin.  Kramm believes that enforcing the two-hour parking will ensure that parking is less of a hassle when shopping downtown. ###