Electric Department replaces all streetlights with LEDs

SEGUIN, Texas – Electric crews have replaced every streetlight in the city’s service area with LED (Light-emitting diode) lights. Seguin is one of the first cities in the state to accomplish a complete replacement of all high pressure sodium (HPS) lights with LED fixtures. Crews switched out more than 1,500 lights. LEDs are more efficient, longer-lasting and more durable than other types of bulbs.

“We started the project in January and finished in March, we had all of the crews working on it for about two to three weeks, and then separated them to keep up with all the other projects we have underway,” said Clarence Smith, Electric Utility Director.

City Council approved the project last October after learning it could save the city almost $130,000 annually in maintenance and operating costs. In addition to the savings, LED bulbs produce a higher quality of illumination, resulting in a safer driving environment.  Residents have already been expressing their appreciation for the higher quality lighting in their neighborhoods on social media. 

Crews also took this opportunity to enhance the operational efficiencies of the street lights standards and poles.   Before the swap, the city had three lengths of street light arms, 2, 4 and 8 feet.   During the LED switch out process, all of the 2 and 4-foot street light arms were replaced with eight foot arms.  This allows more light to shine over the street and not in customer’s yards.

“The most important reason for changing the old lights out to LED was the cost of maintenance and electricity,” added Smith.

HPS fixtures only last two to three years, and the city spent over $20,000 a year in maintenance, $ 70,000 in replacement and labor costs (including 500 man-hours) and $120,000 for electricity. Smith estimates the city will now save almost $130,000 a year on labor, equipment, maintenance and electricity, and estimates a three-year pay back on the initial investment. ###