Keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians and disabled

SEGUIN, Texas – Keeping our sidewalks clear of obstructions such as vehicles, basketball goals or trash cans guarantees that our sidewalks continue to be safe routes for pedestrians and disabled residents. As our network of sidewalks continues to grow, remember not to block our sidewalks with your vehicles or other obstacles.

Sidewalks connect our neighborhoods, schools, parks and other destinations around town. They provide a safe means to get from one place to another for pedestrians and disabled people who use wheelchairs or scooters to get around. It’s up to everyone to do their part by not parking in a fashion that would encumber someone using a sidewalk.

“We need to be especially aware of blocking our new ADA compliant sidewalks which are designed for people with disabilities to use. They are designed to allow for plenty of room for wheelchairs and scooters,” said Morgan Ash, Public Information Officer.

When a vehicle blocks a sidewalk, it goes completely against the reasons why we install them. If a car is blocking an intersection, crosswalk or a sidewalk, they are no longer a safe route since one would have to go out into the street to get around them. According to city ordinance and the state transportation code, drivers are prohibited from stopping, standing or parking on a sidewalk, a crosswalk, in an intersection, or in front of a driveway (Section 545.302 of the Texas Transportation Code). ###