TCEQ requires more evidence instead of issuing landfill permit

SEGUIN, Texas – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) voted to remand the pending Post Oak Clean Green landfill permit back to the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) for more evidence on several key issues. The Commission met on Wednesday, April 12th in Austin to decide whether or not to approve the proposed landfill permit in Guadalupe County, and decided more information was needed.

“We are very pleased and hopeful with the Commission’s decision not to move forward with the landfill permit. Their request for more information on several issues shows they are taking this very seriously and understand the implications of granting a permit to construct a landfill on top of the aquifer - which is a regional water source," said Morgan Ash, Public Information Officer for the City of Seguin.

The Commission requested more information/evidence on four key points:

1. Plugging oil and gas wells on the property – The Commission suggested this should have done pursuant to TCEQ rules before the application made its way to the Commission for approval.

2. Bird Air Strike Hazards – The record indicates that the location of the proposed landfill poses a risk to operations at Randolph Air Force Base and the Seguin Auxiliary Airfield. Landfills are a known magnet for birds which can negatively impact flying missions and put people and property in danger.

3. Subsurface characterization – Additional data about the soils, aquifer and water table levels were requested by the Commission.

4. Operating hours – The Post Oak Green Clean landfill wants to operate 24/7 which is greater than the TCEQ rules generally allow.

The TCEQ is expected to issue an official Order within the next couple of weeks. The Cities of Seguin and Schertz and other members of the landfill opposition will be meeting with their legal teams to discuss plans for moving forward. ###