City promotional video wins statewide TAMI Award

SEGUIN, TX - A city promotional video, “Real Seguin Is …,” was recently recognized in the 2017 Public Service Announcement category of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officer’s (TAMIO) awards, a statewide awards competition, and placed first. The video was produced by city staff and a local media company, The Dillon Group Inc., to illustrate the city’s brand.

“We wanted to make a visual component that illustrated the city’s brand concepts while making it personal to Seguin’s citizens. We carefully selected different aspects of the community to showcase the quality of life Seguin offers from park goers to the library, from community theater to high-tech manufacturing to name a few. The “Real Seguin Is …” video showcases how Seguin is a real, authentic Texas Town with its own ties to Texas history, a unique heritage and a proud culture,” said Morgan Ash, Public Information Officer.

With over 25,000 views on social media, “Real Seguin Is …,” was unveiled at the 2016 Chamber Banquet whose theme was based on Seguin, TX; “It’s Real.,” the city’s new brand for their event. The video was also posted to the city’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel so it could easily be viewed and shared by the community.

It was important for the city to partner with a local media company like The Dillion Group who shared our vision when shooting and editing the video. The results of the collaboration radiates strong feelings of home, community and pride.

“Seguin is in a transitional time. We were able to showcase a broad cross-section of Seguin, from our brand new library to MTR Skate Park in Park West. While we focused on specific parts of our home, citizens can make this their own to describe our city. This way more people can get involved with making Seguin what it will be tomorrow. We look forward to sharing more aspects of Seguin as time moves forward. Our new high school, ever-improving downtown and Texas Lutheran University are all part of this journey. To us, Real Seguin is an opportunity for growth," said Connor Dillon of The Dillon Group Inc.

If you have not seen the video or would like to share it on your social media accounts, head to the city’s Facebook Page and look under the video section, or head to the city’s You Tube channel. ###