Bat that bit citizen tested for rabies

SEGUIN, Texas – A bat that bit a local Seguin citizen on Sunday (8/10/16) was sent to the State Health Services lab has tested positive for rabies. The incident occurred in the 1600 block of Eastwood Drive in southeast Seguin.

After the man’s dog began barking at a bat that appeared to be dead, the man attempted to pick the bat up to dispose of it. At that time, the bat bit the man on the hand. As a standard precaution, medical attention was immediately rendered, including administering the rabies vaccine series.

Rabies is a viral disease found in the saliva of infected animals. It is usually transmitted by bite or scratch. Fewer than ten people die annually in the United States because of the availability of anti-rabies treatment, and the careful evaluation of potential exposures by State and local health departments. Though bites of this nature are very infrequent, it important to emphasize not to handle bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes, unknown dogs or cats, or other mammals, as all can carry and transmit the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone who has been bitten by an animal, or who otherwise may have been exposed to rabies, should clean the wound and see a doctor immediately. The doctor will determine the need for vaccinations. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash